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St Joseph's Challenge Partners Report - February 2020

This review was a professionally-led peer review focused on the quality of teaching and learning. The review celebrated what we are doing well and identified areas for development. It was a joint exercise between the review team and our school leaders. All activities included a member of the school working alongside the reviewers. This approach enabled honest and open conversations about where the school is and what our vision is for the future. 

Leaders have sustained a positive climate for learning, where staff are committed to ensuring that all children grow in confidence, learn to develop their resilience and enjoy the challenge in new learning. 

Governors are sharply focused on raising standards. They give clear direction and are increasingly accessible to staff and parents. 

A focus on ensuring strong subject knowledge and pedagogy across the curriculum is paying dividends and contributing to improving standards. 

The well-being of pupils and staff has a high priority. 

Links with the community are extensive. 

Excellent relationships underpin the positive climate for learning. Teachers are skilled in managing behaviour and motivating pupils to try hard. For their part, pupils are lively, enthusiastic learners.