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Week 7 (04.05.2020)

Dear Parents,

It really has been lovely speaking to so many of you, and your wonderful children, over the past few weeks. We do realise how difficult this continues to be for you all and we know that you are all doing as much as you can during this time.

Thank you to all of the children who are sharing such fabulous work on Goggle Classroom. We love seeing the photos and the videos of your work.

This Friday, we are continuing to have our Bank Holiday (although it is very different from the original one planned). This date was scheduled to honour the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Many of the teachers have planned different activities to mark this special occasion, from making your own bunting to having your own tea party lockdown style! Please do share any work with us as we would love to see it.

This week's prayers help children to reflect on how shepherds help the sheep in their care. By exploring this, and by recognising that Jesus is our ‘Good Shepherd’, children are encouraged to think about how following Him helps us live our life to the full. Each day, children are given the opportunity to reflect on how Jesus, our Good Shepherd, provides us with:

Monday – Food
Tuesday – Guidance
Wednesday – Help
Thursday – Shelter
Friday – Community
Saturday – All of these things

Please do continue to stay safe and follow all of the advice that is being given to us.

If we can do anything to help, please get in touch by calling the school land line, the mobile number or emailing the helpline.

Take care of each other. We are missing you all.

Best Wishes

Nicola Doherty (Headteacher)