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Week 6 (27.04.2020)

Dear Parents, 

It is hard to believe that we are becoming more accustomed to this unusual lifestyle. Many of us have come to know our neighbours far more and we are learning to do with far less than we previously had.

Our staff are missing seeing you all and school is a very quiet place without the conversations that we usually have at the school gates. We really do miss that!

We hope that you are all keeping safe, following the guidance on social distancing so that we can all be back at school as soon as possible.

I have loved seeing the videos, photos and the work being uploaded on to Google Classroom. That, alongside speaking to some of you on the telephone, has been the highlight of our week.

We hope that you are enjoying some of the work with your children, but please remember to do as much of it or as little as you and your children can manage.  The most important thing is that you are all safe and that your children have fun learning different things. If that involves riding a bike, FaceTiming grandparents, using Skype, baking, knitting or any other new skill, please only encourage this. We want all children to continue to love learning - whatever that may be. Do please keep reading though.

It has been really lovely to see so many of your children taking part in the whole school science experiment. Mr Smith will upload one of these each week. Do have some fun!

Miss Dorothy has begun to video some storytelling and these too are being uploaded. She has a selection of books that we will upload so that your children can hear someone they know reading them a story.

Please join us for our assembly, by following the link below.

I have added the daily prayers for this week below.

Thank you all for your continued support. 

Children, we are really proud of you. Keep smiling!

Stay safe, you are all in our prayers.

With love,

Miss Doherty and all of the team at St Joseph's.