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Week 13 (22.06.2020)

Dear Parents,

During the last couple of weeks we have seen more and more pupils returning to school. Seeing their smiling faces and hearing their laughter has been like magic for many of us.

As you know, we had a small group of pupils in school throughout the last 13 weeks and it is really lovely to see more and more children returning now.

Year 6 have commented at how great it is to be back - they have certainly returned with added enthusiasm. Reception and Year 1 are now back in school too and they have been amazing as they have returned to adapted classrooms and structures. We are very proud of them. All pupils have been amazing at learning the new routines and I thank you all at home for helping them in the preparations for this.

We have spoken to many of you this week and we do understand your concerns for a return to school. If you need to talk this through with myself, Mrs Blyde or Mrs Stirling, please do let us know as we are happy to call you and explain the processes that we have put in place.

You will also be aware that after footballer Marcus Rushford's campaign, the government have now promised that all children who are applicable for free school meals, will receive vouchers to be spent at a number of supermarkets, throughout the summer holiday. This will benefit so many of you. You could save up to £400 a year if your child gets free school meals and it will mean they get a healthy school lunch every day.  

Many more of you may be eligible and it requires a simple form to be completed. We are happy to help you with this, either via the phone or a socially distanced meeting. We are asking all parents to complete the form, even if you think you are not eligible at the moment. Not only will this mean that you will receive food vouchers for each week that your child remains at home and the weeks during the summer holiday, but you will also be allowing us as a school to benefit, as we receive £1,320 per child eligible. This makes a huge difference to our funding. Please contact us to help you complete the form or apply directly at:

This week, I have attached the learning projects below and the prayers for each day. We are continuing to be amazed at the work that is being turned in on Goggle Classroom. We do understand that sometimes the children are lacking motivation but we thank you for all of your hard work during this time. 

In this week’s Gospel Jesus said to His disciples, “Do not be afraid.” This is a message we hear in the Gospel at different times, mainly from Jesus, but also from others. It’s an important message for us today: it helps us to remember that Jesus is always with us, helping us leave our fears behind and lift our eyes to Him. Please click on the image below for this week's assembly.

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing more of you during this week.

Stay safe and if there is anything that we can do, please do let us know.

Nicola Doherty (Headteacher)