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Week 11 (08.06.2020)

Dear Parents, 

This week we have been busy preparing for the wider opening of school as more key worker families join us today. With the more bubbles that join, the attempt at social distancing will continue to be important. 

The children who are in school presently, understand that they come to school with just themselves and a water bottle. Packed lunches are provided by the kitchen staff and the children eat these with the children within their bubble only. These pupils have become used to the routine of regularly washing their hands and the new routines that have been put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Classrooms have been set up to maintain the 2metre social distancing where possible. You will all know from the letters sent home that each child has their own pack of pencils and resources. It really is not life as we would want it to be.

The children who are re-joining this week, will be entering and exiting school via The High Street Gate. This is to allow different groups of children to be entering and exiting at the same time.

The school office is now closed for all parents. The school will be a cashless environment in the next couple of weeks so please do watch out for the information being sent out shortly.

It is with great sadness that many of you have had very difficult conversations surrounding the unlawful death of George Lloyd, in Minnesota. It is so important that we talk about this and understand that we stand together as St Joseph's family to condemn any form of racism, discrimination and inequality. #BlackLivesMatter

You will see from my news article from Friday (in the latest news section on this website - link below - that our staff are working on our curriculum in preparation for September. We will continue to ensure that equality and diversity is fundamental to our choices of texts, topics and history that is being taught. We will continue to work with our children to help them identify with those we are studying and help them to understand the world in which we live. The work that we do on making the right choices to enable us to live in harmony and love for one another will be key as our children begin to return to school. Within this article, you will also see that Lewisham Headteachers have written a joint statement to highlight that Lewisham Leaders stand together to condemn the unlawful murder of an innocent black man. It is so important that we stand up for what is right. 

I would like to continue to thank you for your support as we journey through this situation. We would love to see and hear the classrooms full of children and laughter, but for now, we must continue to follow the guidance from Public Health England, the government and our own risk assessments.

Although the planning and risk assessments due to COVID-19 have taken up a great deal of our time in recent weeks, we are also planning for some exciting changes to the learning environment for your pupils. I will share the plans with you as soon as I can, but it is a very exciting time to be part of St Joseph's community. 

I have attached the assembly, the daily prayers for this week below, along with the learning projects for each year group. I have also updated the learning websites page with further links for any of you who would like additional resources. Do let us know if you need any further help or any exercise books for their home learning.

Some of you will be receiving packages this week that have been donated very kindly to us by Deptford Ragged School Archive. This charity have very kindly donated resources of paper and pens for any of our pupils who we think would benefit from additional resources as part of our home learning. Thank you so much to Katharine Alston who made this all possible.

Over the next few weeks, you will be receiving phone calls and emails from our school office in regards to further information needed to help our school. This will also help you! More information to follow.  

We do still have a couple of places for our Reception class for September. Please do pass this on to any families you think may be interested. 

Thank you for your continued support. You are all in our thoughts and our prayers.

Take care

Nicola Doherty (Headteacher)