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School Closure March 2020

The government advice was that all schools were to temporarily close on Friday 20th March. We understand how difficult this is for many parents and families and we want to continue to support you where possible. The school will be open for the children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils as agreed by their parents.

All children have been given their unique Google Classroom log in details. Class teachers set work each day for the pupils in their class. This includes: English and Maths each day, Topic Work (from a themed learning project) and RE and Science each week. Google Classroom is enabling all pupils to communicate with their class teacher whilst they are working from home. This also enables all children to stay in contact with one another on a safe platform.

Teaching staff are telephoning the children in their class at least once a week during school closure. We look forward to speaking to our families and the children themselves and hearing how they are getting on.

During this difficult time, we are trying to ensure that we keep communication as open as possible during our school closure. 

Every Monday, I am adding a message, along with some of the planning documents, in a new page for each week. The Google Classrooms will continue to be used throughout the week for setting daily tasks and communication between the pupils and the adults working in each classroom. 

Children who are entitled to free school meals are being sent £15 vouchers for each week that schools are closed. If you think that you are entitled, please click on the link below to complete the online application and email our helpline email address listed below. 

We know that explaining everything to the children can often be difficult. The news online is often adult centred and your children may be seeing this and finding it distressing. Please do share Carol Gray's social story with them if you feel it is appropriate for your child.

We understand that many children will be anxious or worried about the coronavirus outbreak and that many will have questions about everything that is happening at the moment.

The Children's Commissioner have put together a short guide to help explain to children, in language they can understand, some of the issues surrounding coronavirus.  This has been added below. Please do share with parents or groups you know if you find it useful. 

A book has also been written to explain the coronavirus to children. This has been illustrated by the same illustrator of The Gruffalo. Please click on the link which allows you to read the story free online.

During this time, it is also important that you look after your own wellbeing. We have  attached a copy of a document linked to Wellbeing  Tips for Families. This also has a variety of links that you may find useful.

We hope that you are all staying safe. Please do contact us on if we can be of any assistance. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will reply to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may contact me directly on or contact me on the school mobile number: 07377 628 083

Many of our staff are on a rota to continue to care for our Critical Workers' families within our school community. Where possible, we will continue to answer your calls when you phone our school telephone number.

Thank you for all of your positive comments and support over the past few weeks. This is very much appreciated.

Take care of each other. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Love Miss Doherty and all of the staff at St Joseph's.


For guidance on how your children can stay safe whilst learning from home, please see the information for parents below.